Waste Transportation And Waste Intermediation

RE.AL. Service Prompt ecological intervention S.p.A. is  one of the few companies specialized in the environmental and ecological field, providing integrated services about collection, transportation and disposal of every kind of waste with third authorized structures. RE.AL. Service offers appropriate services and technologies to public and private companies for environmental issues.

Re.Al. Service covers all National territory with its own vehicles and can face up to all different kind of requests regarding transportation. It has become  an intermediary figure able to solve any problem related to waste.

Re.Al. Service not only offers different and modern equipment, but also its know-how and its professionalism  for a service in accordance with the law obligation.

Re.Al. Service is the ideal partner to solve any “waste issue”.

Through its intermediation activity, Re.Al. Service gives an essential support on bureaucratic procedures to its customers, thanks to its cooperation with a wide range of international suppliers.