Removal And Disposal Asbestos

Amianthus or asbestos is a mineral of natural origin and is extremely dangerous for humans.

Its heat-resistant and its fibrous structure make it suitable for fireproof clothing and furnishing. The use of asbestos has been banned in Italy in 1992 because of the serious diseases its inhalable dust can cause.

Historically asbestos has been widely used in the form of asbestos cement in many structures like roofs, fiber cement composites and isolation materials, for civil as well as industrial applications.

Dangerousness of asbestos increases when the structure is no longer consistent, managed in a wrong way or broken. In these cases free fibers rise and they can be easily inhaled.

In relation to these problems and the need to operate with adequate standards of safety and quality it is essential to rely on professional figures. Re.Al. Service offers its professionalism to give its clients the best solutions and with adequate costs.

 We are at complete disposal if you need any support in managing a structure containing asbestos, we can carry out a technical and economical assessment and, according to the case, a free of charge inspection in order to check the situation and produce a more precise analysis.