Prompt Ecological Intervention

Re.Al. Service offers a service of prompt ecological intervention that can be activated in case of contamination or potential contamination of environmental matrices (surface soil and deeper soil, surface water and ground water) in order to comply with the provision of the law, precisely  with D. Lgs. 152/  Art. 242 paragraph 1 and to minimize damages deriving from accidents involving hazardous substances.

By subscribing a convention with us, our organization provides practical and technical interventions everywhere in Italy, 24 hours a day, 365 day a year, in case of a call.

The service regards:

  • plants manipulating or producing hazardous substances in their production cycle;
  • transportation of dangerous goods;
  • public bodies/former industrial sites/dumps.

Timing work for emergency securing ensures a reduction of contamination and prevents it from spreading all over surrounding areas, actually limiting a damage increase. In accordance with article 1914 of the Civil Code, these works are qualified as “rescue costs” incurred and kept up for public interest and insurers, if involved.

Re.Al. Service is provided with specialized equipment for:

Pouring off hazardous substances:

  • specifically equipped trucks;
  • anti explosive transfer pumps;
  • suitable pipes to transfer different substances;
  • nitrogen bottles to inactivate tanks and cisterns;
  • clothing to approach fire and  anti gas suit;
  • anti sparking tools;
  • autoprotectors;
  • esplosimeters.

Containment and recovery of pollutant substances:

  • Truck with a specific setup for emergencies, equipped with:
  • absorbent material;
  • absorbent booms and floats to contain pollution of water bodies;
  • LDPE sheets to impermeabilize contaminated areas;
  • big sacks to contain polluted solid substances;
  • drums and small tanks to contain polluted liquid substances;
  • road safety signs, traffic lights systems;
  • electric generator groups;
  • portable light groups;
  • movable workshop;
  • vacuum tanker ADR (2,3,4 axles – articulated vehicles);
  • earth moving vehicles.