Last century saw the unilateral progress of an economic and materialistic techno-science, lacking moral ethics, scattering around the planet an inconceivable amount of hazardous substances.

Crimes against nature always backfire on ourselves.

The principle of sustainability and a fair relationship with the world require nowadays an aware regeneration of polluted ecosystems.

On this point Re.Al. Service Ready Ecological Intervention has created a theoretical and practical school within its structure, to train private and public operators on ready ecological and environmental intervention.

The school is in charge of ENI Middle Managers’ training since 10 years and we are now expanding it with the building of a new 1000 square meters warehouse in our seat of Pomarico (Matera), as the interest in this school is increasing.

It has qualified technicians with specific competencies and knowledge matured in 25 years of experience, research and development of new technics and materials aiming to environmental reclamation.

Seminars are focused on participants practical training in managing accidental events. The principal aim of this training is to provide operators with knowledge that help them to limit and / or eliminate risks for human beings and for the environment.

It is well-known that emotiveness and inadequate training play a big role for those persons who have to make quick and important decisions during the first phases of a pollution emergency. They can cause further damages that will consequently Increase the costs and weigh on the following reclamation phases.

The binomial: timeliness and competence is crucial for a concrete solution of the polluting event, so that it does not turn into a catastrophic event, as often happens.

Prevention is another very important message that the school aims to bring to the attention of institutions, of companies and of the public opinion.

Once our classes are over, operators acquire both the ability to act with competence to solve polluting events, as well as knowledge for a concrete prevention of all issues that can threaten the environment.

At the end of our classes, operators will fill out an assessment questionnaire to check their knowledge, and they will receive the certificate of participation.