Decommissioning And Plant Dismantling

Re. Al. Service deals with decommissioning and plants dismantling.

The high level of professionalism of our planning department and of our operating staff allows us to independently manage the whole process of decontamination, dismantling and disposal of resulting waste

Re. Al. Service faces decommissioning and plant dismantling as follow


We prepare an Environmental Plan of Dismantling containing activities, timing and actions needed to properly close the plant.

Plant Dismantling

While dismantling the plant, our main priority is to strictly respect operating, managerial and organizational measures in order to minimize all related effects, such as noise, dust, etc.

Plant dismantling procedure:

  • Dismantling of electrical plants or removal for their recovery
  • Dismantling of mechanical plants or removal for their recovery
  • Dismantling of structural works
  • Disposal of resulting waste in accordance with current legislation.

Areas of activity

  • Decommissioning and Dismantling of power and  thermal stations
  • Decommissioning and Dismantling of industrial plants in many sectors such as food, chemical, pharmacological, manufacture, military, etc..


Petrochemical industry

Sector Civil Demolition

Remediation and Demolition Sector Naval