Reclamation Of Tanks


Re.Al. Service offers a highly specialized service in the field of decontamination of both underground and not underground tanks.

Our staff works safely because they are systematically trained to solve various kind of ordinary operations or in case of emergency.

We have almost twenty years experience in this field. We faced and face many environmental emergencies in which toxic, corrosive and flammable substances were involved, both on road and on industrial areas.

Our first priority is safeness.


We carry out:
- oil separators cleaning (oil depots, refineries, car washing, etc...)
- tanks decontamination (‘Gas-Free’ certification)
- washing using also biodegradable degreasing products
- tank leak test (pneumatic test and/or tank leak test under depression)
- inactivation with various materials (sand, expanded clay, etc.)
- tanks removal and scrapping


In situations such as houses or industrial activities with underground tanks or Diesel tanks that could be a potential source of contamination of soil, deeper soil and aquifer, we often find problems like leakiness and accidental dropping generated during the operations of loading and unloading.

In case of proven contamination, Re.Al. Service can manage, on behalf of the responsible entity (company or individual), all legal requirements such as communication to the competent authorities and immediate securing and decontamination of the area.