Characterization–Environmental Investigations

Re.Al. Service offers a service of characterization of contaminated, or potentially contaminated sites in respect of D. Lgs 152/06 through environmental investigation in order to define geology, hydrogeology, damage status of the environmental matrices (surface soil, deeper soil and ground water) defining a conceptual model of the site, actually giving an exhaustive picture of the contamination.

The service regards:

  • dismantled and non dismantled industrial areas
  • fuel and combustibile storages
  • fuels sales points
  • sites contaminated by accidental events
  • dumps
  • areas to be purchased or sold

In order to characterize the site, we are able to do electric, seismic and magnetometric investigations, environmental surveys, micro percussive drillings, organization of piezometers and monitoring wells, land-air/gas-water (surface water and ground water) samplings, topographic surveys.

Re.Al. Service has specific equipment for:

performing field analysis on a solid matrix:

  • FID and PID analyzer to search organic compounds, volatile and total
  • field kit for the determination of total hydrocarbons in the soil  presenti nel terreno
  • field kit with colormetric tubes

On liquid matrix:

  • field kit with colormetric tubes
  • monitoring of pH parameters, dissolved oxygen, dissolved salts, conductivity, turbidity and temperature

soil sampling and installation of piezometers with:

  • geognostic probe
  • portable direcrpush system geoprobe®

Water sampling with:

  • submersible pumps with flow regulator

Geotechnical soil characterization with:

  • SPT execution