Chemical Analysis

Re.Al. Service relies on agreements with accredited laboratories third parties located in the national territory, provided with forefront equipment to meet every kind of request, in the corporate structure and in situ. They analyze air, water, soil and waste matrices.

All activities are carried out by highly qualified technicians. They ensure the quality of our services through their know-how and their constant training.  



Re.Al. Service is always in first line to solve any environmental problem;

It strenghts are:

  • forefront equipment;
  • highly qualified technicians and advisors;
  • accuracy and precision in examination process;
  • quick reports;
  • data and analysis interpretation according the current legislation;
  • expert opinions and advice in all sectors.




more than twenty years of activity in the field, with a deep knowledge of problems related to industrial activities requiring scrupulous and competent chemicals and microbiologic analysis.

Specifically for industry field, Re.Al. Service carries out analysis on emissions in the atmosphere, working environments, industrial waste, noise level pollution, waste water.


Environment is one of the most developed field for Re.Al. Service, always following the perspective of new and more effective analysis methods: fields, sea water, piezometric water and water for human consumption are the favourite objects of this field.


Chemical-agrarian analysis have lands as object.

Attention is focused on respectful and proper use of the environment to increase its productivity and reduce its pollution, fodder and feed, to ensure its quality, plant tissues, to check productivity level of cultivation during its growth, irrigation water and ground water.

Sampling every kind of matrix is essential for a wide and comprehensive vision of sites and for the good result of chemical analysis. Technicians of  Re.Al. Service are qualified through certified sampling trainings.