Emergency Transport Service (S.E.T. Servizio Emergenze Trasporti) is a voluntary Program promoted by Federchimica (Italian Federation of Chemical Industry) to which associated companies, non associated companies and Associations take part to support Public Authorities in preventing and managing any accident resulting from the transport of chemical products.

 “S.E.T.” is integrated in the “I.C.E. Program” (International Chemical Environment) that includes 17 European Countries and is managed by CEFIC (European Chemical Industry Council), based in Brussels, to which Federchimica adhere;

Federchimica, with its 1.400 associated Companies, represents the complex and dynamic Italian chemical and industrial tissue and runs the Program “Responsible Care” on National level. It is a voluntary Program of the global Chemical Industry and aims to engage Companies to promote improvement policies in the field of Safety, Health and Environment.

S.E.T is part of this Program: some Companies and Associations sharing the “Responsible Care” Program also adhere to the Emergency Transport Service with the aim of supporting the actions plan of the Public Authorities with efficient and rapid interventions.

The S.E.T. is disciplined by an agreement protocol signed on January 9th 1998 by the Prime Minister’s Office, Department of Civil Protection, and with General Direction, Civil Protection and Fire Prevention Service of the Ministry of Interior.






Avant-garde solutions for environmental and industrial issues.

For over 25 years Testani company, first called Testani Gestioni srl, has always been characterized by an unmistakable commitment and dedication in the area of collection and hazardous waste disposal and non-hazardous transport, third parties transport, aspiration of cementitious materials, sand, sludge and other debris, sewer drain, technology maintenance and multidirectional scaffolding equipment for the exclusive use of industrial, environmental remediation with ideological spirit of conservation and environmental protection.

The continuous research and technological innovation makes the company’s services and performance unique both technically and economically. In addition to collaborating with companies such as Italcementi, Fassa Bortolo, Acea and Ama, in all these years Testani put its resources at the disposal of the National Civil Protection and Fire Department to remedy the disasters caused by nature and bad weather various.

A highly technical and commercial qualified staff allows the Company to propose different solutions to meet any request and meet your needs.

Experience, quality of service and safety on construction sites make Testani srl a reliable and trustworthy partner, able to meet any industry.

To manage activities related to waste disposal and environmental remediation it is necessary timeliness and concreteness. That is why Testani Gestioni srl is always ready to handle emergencies 24h a day

Because when the preservation of the environment is in danger, there is no time to waste.