Re.Al. Service P.I.E. S.p.A. is a highly specialized company in the environmental field and complies with all international laws on any kind of alteration of the existing environmental balance.

Its experts have given their support and professionalism through the years in Italy to the Prompt Ecological Service and waste management to solve environmental problems

Such expertise has been developed during the last 25 years, giving our Company a leading position in the market and offering solutions on environmental issues, especially in the following sectors:

  • advice, prevention and resolution of environmental damages;
  • decommissioning and remediation of civil and industrial dismantled areas;
  • maintenance, leak tests, inactivation, tanks removal and cutting;
  • removal and disposal of materials containing asbestos;
  • prompt ecological intervention;
  • production of energy from urban and industrial waste through their thermal Oxidation.


On these strong bases of knowledge and expertise we provide a service of great interest for the Environment and the Community, mainly helping all Companies, Organizations, Association and Privates dealing with pollutant and hazardous substances for mankind and for the environment.


are cornerstones of the ethic pursued by our Company.